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3in1 Shop with best price guarantee

No middlemen - directly from the factory to you! is a direct importer from Germany and the leading wholesaler in Europe, offering high-quality products at the lowest prices. In our 3-in-1 shop, we specialize in three areas: single-use, reusable, and paper cups, both printed and unprinted under Printcups; Bubble Tea ingredients and accessories under bobatrade; and 100% biodegradable natural products for the gastronomy sector under NATUR2GO. These three areas are now available here, on our new website, and can be selected through the navigation menu or the respective buttons. Note: All prices listed are exclusive of applicable VAT rates.



Disposable, reusable & Paper cups with and without print



Bubble tea ingredients and accessories from all factories



100% organic natural products for the catering industry

No minimum order value

Free Shipping³

Online payment

Highest quality standards

Guaranteed low prices

Automated ordering process for goods in the online shop

Registration instructions

Product categories


Best price

PP disposable cup 500ml

away €0.06 /Piece

without print for 1000 pcs

Delivery: 1-5 days

away 0.07 € /Piece

with print at 10,000 pcs

Delivery: 8-12 weeks

Bulk Order

Automated ordering process for goods in the online shop



Bulk orders from Taiwan

30% on

Popping Boba and Tapioka

from a purchase quantity of 300 boxes


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