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Direct importer with best price guarantee

No middlemen - just straight from the factory to you! is a direct importer from Germany that offers high quality products at the lowest prices, without intermediaries. Our specialization lies in three areas: disposable, reusable and paper cups, both printed and unprinted; bubble tea ingredients and accessories; as well as 100% biodegradable natural products for the catering industry. We guarantee the best prices for large quantities.


Disposable, reusable & Paper cups with and without print



100% organic natural products for the catering industry



Bubble tea ingredients and accessories from all factories


No minimum order value

Free Shipping³

Online payment

Highest quality standards

Guaranteed low prices

Automated ordering process for goods in the online shop

Registration instructions

Product categories


Best price

PP disposable cup 500ml

away €0.06 /Piece

without print for 1000 pcs

Delivery: 1-5 days

away 0.07 € /Piece

with print at 10,000 pcs

Delivery: 8-12 weeks

Bulk Order

Automated ordering process for goods in the online shop



Bulk orders from Taiwan

30% on

Popping Boba and Tapioka

from a purchase quantity of 300 boxes


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