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We want to offer you the best possible service by ensuring simple and fast ordering processes, transparent conditions and a guarantee of the best price for bulk orders. For this reason, all of our processes are automated and digitalized, and we continuously optimize them from order to order. Clear and direct communication is the key to your satisfaction.

If you have any questions about our products, need help creating print data or would like comprehensive advice, please do not hesitate to send us an email or contact us using the contact form. This way the right expert can contact you promptly.


Questions about your order

Shipping topics:

Please note that as a purely commercial seller, we transfer liability for your purchased products to you upon handover to the shipping company in accordance with § 447 BGB. This means that we are not liable for shipping damages, delays, and fundamental shipping problems.

More information can be found here or in our terms and conditions.


Therefore, we cannot answer questions regarding shipping issues and kindly ask you to contact the logistics partner provided in your shipment tracking information. If you have not received your order within the timeframe specified by us, please feel free to contact us via email/contact form, providing your order number and tracking numbers.

Quality management:
Have you received the wrong goods, too few goods or the goods have damage that can be proven not to have been caused by shipping? Then please contact us via email/contact form, stating your order number, attached photos and a description.


New customers

5. Receipt of payment

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Receipt of payment confirmation

2. Select products

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Listing the order

6. Shipping the order

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Receipt of shipping confirmation

3. Checkout
> Place order <

Receipt of an order confirmation

6. Delivery

> Happy new customer <

Receipt of your order

4. Make payment

> Online advance payment<

Receipt of the invoice


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