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Wholesale for bulk orders

Since this year, bobatrade has been acting exclusively as a wholesaler for bubble tea ingredients and only offers them at the best prices on orders of 180 boxes or more directly from Taiwan. After theinventory displayed in the shop have been sold, orders in small quantities are no longer possible. Find out why it's better to place a bulk order with us instead of purchasing from other suplliers on a monthly basis under Bulk Orders. Please click on the "Bulk Orders" tab for information and pricing.

Package offers

Additionally, we occasionally offer packages that include 50 boxes of Popping Boba. These packages have already been ordered by us and are on their way to us. These can be found in the “Popping Boba” shop category and can be pre-ordered.

Selling off inventory

The products displayed here are remaining stocks that are being sold off. These and other products will not be reordered. Once sold out, they will no longer be available and can only be ordered by you as part of a bulk or package order.

Delivery times

Stock: 1-4 days

Bulk orders: 3 months

Pre-orders: See product description

Cup/lid can now be found in the shop area PRINT CUPS and Straws/Packaging under Nature2Go.

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