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About Us

Welcome to (formerly just, the leading wholesale online shop for print cups, natural products for the catering industry and bubble tea supplies in Europe. is a commercial direct importer from Germany that offers high quality products at the lowest prices, without intermediaries. As one of the few importers, we buy directly from the factories and use the know-how of our own 19-year-old logistics company, Lawonce Logistics, to import the goods into Europe. This allows us to offer our Best Price Guarantee and pass these savings on to you. Purchasing and sales from a single source.

On our new website we have merged two previously separate online shops ( and with a total of three areas (bubble tea supplies, to-go cups and natural to-go products) into one website . You will find a separate shop area for each of these areas.

In the PRINTCUPS shop area we offer disposable and reusable cups in various materials, shapes and sizes with and without printing at Europe's lowest prices. Our cups are produced in an environmentally friendly and fair manner in China. For printed mugs and special orders, the delivery time is 8-12 weeks. Unprinted mugs are shipped directly from our warehouse in Germany and have a delivery time of 1-5 days.

In the NATUR2GO shop area you will find to-go catering supplies made from 100% biodegradable materials such as bamboo fibers and cane sugar. We are particularly proud of our straws, which are an environmentally friendly alternative to the banned plastic straws.

After selling off the remaining quantities, the bobatrade shop area, which was previously a separate online shop, is now focusing on bulk and pallet sales of bubble tea ingredients directly from Taiwan. This means you save up to 30% and get unbeatable prices.

Our sales team and customer service are at your disposal and look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards
Your team

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